Results of the program selection: who is the winner?

Everyone is waiting for results of startups’ selection? We are glad to announce our finalists!

According to experts’ evaluations, we are happy to greet in accelerator program 6 projects:

– Altera Vita (Abdulaziz Isakov)
– RentMe.uz (Kirill Molodtsov, Ivan Korneychuk)
– Straxovka.uz (Feruz Juraev)
– App.uz (Azam Makhmudov)
– Online ticket sales (Vyacheslav Lee, Ulugbek Abdurakhmanov)
– Obed.uz (Sardor Shaakhmedov, Slava Korobeynikov)

Congratulations to all and please prepare for a hard job this summer. we will write separately about each finalist later.

Also, the jury saw potential in such projects as:

– Online auto mechanic (Azamat Seitov)
– Hi-Wi.uz (Madina Timurhadjieva, Ilkhom Arifdzhanov)
– Smile.uz messenger (Mukhiddin Ibragimov)

Everyone else, guys, is also great. We are sure that it was helpful and interesting for each startup to participate, listen to opinions on your ideas, to show yourselves and look at others. Meet with potential investors, since many people asked startups’ contacts after the event and were interested in several projects.

Thank you all for participating! On Monday, June 8, we start the accelerator.