Report on week 6 and 2 projects’ MVP

Another report on another week in accelerator (how quickly does the time fly!)

Bileton.uz this weekend launches ticket sales for the new Marvel film, “Ant-Man”. As always, in collaboration with Next Cinema. First Testing last week was a small success, and we had one real-time order.

— Rentme.uz is testing requirements for the rental of construction tools and, specifically, drill. Do you have a drill? Then we go to you! All details on http://drel.rentme.uz/

Project also launched Facebook-group https://www.facebook.com/groups/rentme.uz/, where we identify people needs in rental of any items.

— App.uz soon roll out MVP and test it with “early adopters” (tell you more next week)

And, as always, we thank our wonderful mentors for support and valuable advice and tips for startups. This week, we have shared experience with Alisher Elmuradov (on e-commerce) and Diyas Mutalov (on client- oriented companies).

Also, we have thoroughly reviewed systems of contextual advertising (Google AdWords and Yandex Direct).