First MVP in accelerator

What have we accomplished this week?

— Hilola Suleymanova, HR-company DaVinci Solutions, under the theme of “leadership,” told us about 2 modern theories of leadership: SmartTribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together, and the Golden Circle. Very relevant topics for the future leaders, indeed;

— Dilshod Muzaffarov, Ledokol Group, gave practical advice on sales in B2B sphere;

— Malika Karamatova, partner of the law firm Karamatov va Advokatlar, introduced startups to the basics of the legal aspects of business establishment and registration.

Additionally, we released our first mini-product: have started quantitatively test people willingness to order movie tickets online.

On you can order a ticket for Terminator Geneziz in Next Cinema, for this weekend (July 11-12).

For a while we deliver “paper” tickets. Delivery cost – 2 000 sum. Cost of the ticket – as in a movie theater.

You want to go to the movie, but do not have time to buy tickets in advance? Then is the service for you :-)

The results of this experiment will be discussed in the next report.