We are looking for equal partners and are willing to invest in interesting projects.

All you need is dedication and interest in working together.

Accelerator is not a training center. Mentors will not be doing the work for you. Only you are responsible for the success or failure of your startup.

We recruit 7 startups, and after a brief trial period two startups with less dedication will leave the accelerator.

Every month we will have “control points”, which will be necessary to prepare for, perform KPI, and be prepared to follow your plan for the project development.

Stay tuned for serious work during these 3 months. Breaks in visiting the accelerator are not allowed. Startups that do not meet the requirements leave the accelerator.

First accelerator program goes from June to September 2015.

Conditions of participation in the accelerator

Accelerator provides all services, expertise and mentors in exchange for a stake in the project. Every startup equity will be discussed individually. In world practice, the size of the share of the accelerator is 7-10%.

After passing the selection of applications and enrollment to the accelerator startups need to be familiar with a number of documents and sign the acceleration agreement.

We accept applications from both individuals and from already established companies.