StartupFactory.uz – first in Uzbekistan accelerator for IT-projects.

What is acceleration? It is an intensive program of business development, designed for 3 months. You come to the accelerator with project or idea, and we provide you with an office and staff, connect with the best experts (Lean Startup, Customer Development, Marketing, PR), start making the first sales, consult on all legal, financial, accounting and organizational issues, help to prepare a pitch for investors.

With our program, in three months you can go a long way with product development, which under other circumstances could have taken more time.

In addition to consultations on “how it should be”, we will tell in detail about the main mistakes that many beginning entrepreneurs commit.

At the end of acceleration program, we introduce you to investors willing to invest in our startups. For the most successful projects of the accelerator we are ready to co-invest ourselves.

What kind of projects we are interested in?

We invite B2C and B2B projects related to Internet and mobile technologies. That could be websites, mobile applications, e-commerce services, personalized services etc.

Key selection criteria – projects’ focus on Uzbekistan market, practical feasibility of the project, innovation, differences from competitors, scalability, commercial component (profit), commitment and performance of the project’ founders.

We do not work with projects that violate Uzbekistan laws.

First accelerator program goes from June to September 2015.

What startups receive:

1. Infrastructure (office in the city center, with all communications)

2. Support: legal, accounting, HR (we have technicians, programmers and designers)

3. Individual trackers (experts, who will meet with you each week, guide and assist in development of the project)

4. Business analytics for your projects

5. Business consultations. Participation in master classes with experts in various fields of business (see. Mentors section)

6. Networking (contacts with the best experts of the IT-market of Uzbekistan)

7. Advertising and promotion of the project on Uzbek segment of Internet

8. Attention of investors (at the final presentation, Demo day)

Accelerator admission criteria


All of the above services accelerator provides in exchange for a stake in the project. Every startup equity will be discussed individually. Generally, in the world, the size of the accelerator stake is about 7-10%.

After passing initial selection of applications and enrollment to the accelerator startups need to be familiar with a number of documents and sign the acceleration agreement.

Accelerator accepts applications from both individuals and from already established companies. We are looking for equal partners and are willing to invest in interesting projects.